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Rocket Room New Years

FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE! Posted on %PM, January 24 2007 19:46:52

Blog ImageThey did a great job decorating, hard to believe this is actually Debaser, it almost looks like a respectable place! Blog ImageAfter the full course BBQ style tex mex dinner (Mmmm..) The entertainment started in with the always amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque revue …… Blog ImageAfter the tables folded away and the danse floor was revealed. Danny and the cappers blow up the stage with their superb sound and stage presance.Blog Image Listen to them here Blog ImageAnnika and Danny mid show…Blog ImageAnd once again at the end of the night those left standing had the pleasure of one last act from the Knicker Kittens, A classic new years count down! Altough it was five minutes too soon, no one seemed to mind! How did it go? Well, go to their next show and see for yourself!

the friday cruisers

Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, January 24 2007 16:44:01

Sveavägen, summer ’06Blog ImageA crazy Swedish built rod from the 60’s restored in the 90’s was parked square to curb.Blog Image

..and a fine example of the notorious Swedish phenominon the ragazon. if you don’t know already here’s link for ya,