Blog ImageHere is my personal account of the yearly Finnish pinstripe event hosted by Tiki connoisseur and pinstripe painter of 20 years Tini aka “TiN”Blog Imagewelcomed by a lone tiki, Stripers from all over Finland head to Tini’s for this years Tiki weekend. Blog ImageTini’s house is filled with all kinds of pinstripe and tiki art. This is a piece from Australian artist Simon Watts.Blog ImageThis striped tiki panel is made by Platu who is behind Finlands best kustom kulture magazine, Primer.Blog ImageHere’s a nicely balanced design by TiN (Tini) viewed from the toilet seat.Blog ImageOn TiN’s paint box, the scallops match those that where painted on his car during the last Stripe-O-Rama (see the previous post)Blog ImageRobin has painted his box up whith a Von Dutch theme.Blog ImageHere’s look the inside his classicaly constructed signwriting box. Blog ImagePainting took place out in the Garage.The overall mood was very relaxed,Blog Image“well…..aahhh…yeah…well” People giving each other advice.Blog ImagePeople painted and drank together all day Blog ImageYou had the time to just get lost in the painting process…Blog Image….well you know what I’m talking about! Blog ImageIt was nice to view the results with sober eyes in the morning. This above is the work of -8- otherwise known as Pasi I belive.Blog Image A piece by the very talented Timo.Blog ImageI painted this panel which I traded for a awsome stripe panel by Robin.Blog ImageThis is a late night one eye group panel by Timo, Robin and myself. Blog ImageTini’s moterbike got clobbered with the most stripes ever,Blog Imagepainted on over the whole weekend,regardless of the condition of the painter…Blog Imagethe lines where laid…Blog ImageThe letters where outlined,Blog Imageand eventually we ran out of roomBlog Image So then a panel was painted to comemerate the momentous occasion Blog Image“The World’s most striped Custom Angel” Blog ImageThen Pekka took this nice picture of everyone. I had a great weekend and now only have kind words to discribe this strange group of pinstripers that keep tikis in their snowbanks.

A special thanks to Tini is due, for having been such a good host!