Originally posted on http://lapantura.vonsven.com/ april 18th, 2007

Lately I’ve been onsite working on a few jobs in Stockholm area garages. Here are a few things that caught my eye..

Blog ImageI was told this is a 42 army harley with the original engine block and cylinders and heads of a 70’s sportster with an english norton gearbox!

55 horse power on a 120 kilo Harley!!? I don’t acually know anything about moters but it’s a damn cool moterbike.Blog Imagethis is a box painted by airballs, this guy is really crazy, every time I’m at this garage he’s got some new insane project going. Like the army war car he may or may not be building, with the marine attack surfboard. Anyway …Blog Imagethese stripes are signed “Stanford” if anyone knows the full name of this striper let me know, it could be Steve or Michael but I really have no idea anyways some really clean lines..
Blog Image

Blog ImageAnd here’s a look into the garage of car club, Demented Turku.Blog Imagehere is Pekka and Ari in front of the moonshine runner.Blog Image

Thia is Pekka’s pontiac. check out the silver striping that fills up all the scallops!!Blog Imagein Finland you paint scallops and flames with a baby roller and 1 shot.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image