Originally posted on http://lapantura.vonsven.com/ July 20th 2007

Hey first off I gotta say these photos may well be dated (the lowbrow party happened way back on the 2nd of June!) but now here is a small, mostly visual, report on this ‘stripers meet that took place during lowrow magazine’s party….Blog Imagethe day event was held open air and the weather was fine except for the occational gusts of wind blowing the brushes cockeye now and then..Blog ImageEvil T is seen here contemplating that famous first stroke Blog ImageFreddy pinstriper, with a two …wait make that a four finger hold! Blog ImageJona organized the pinstriping part of the lowbrow event, seen here laying some old school lines to accompany the scallops outlined by another Swedish striper friend Devil. Apparently the owner of this rod has got the idea to collect stripes from tons different pinstripers, cool !Blog ImageEvil T getting down to business. Blog ImageMy most evil customer ever..Blog ImageI found this work on display in the lot, by Ray Hill Blog ImageThe Sivletto truck made it down from Stockhlom ……Blog Image….and along with it some unruly charactersBlog ImageBlog Image