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The summer season is here and the all around the globe cases of paint and brushes are dragged around by dilligent pinstripers of all sorts. It seem that everyone and their brother is heading to Bottrop in Gremany for some grand reason, apparently it’s like the new mecca of pinstripe Kulture?!

You may take this a shock but I will not be joining the bandwagon on this one, ah you may just say I’m bitter and jaded, just badmouthing the the main event because I have to live it out by way of this blogg-o-spere inter-ma-gig dug out of mine… well that may be! I am jealous as hell I just met Pekka, Jussi and a couple other Finnish stripers as they rolled the car off the boat getting ready for the bottrop road trip It just sickens me thinking of all the krazy pinstripe madness that I am bout to miss out on.

Oh well, I decided rather to book my self a booth at the annual BACK TO THE 50’s CAR SHOW in Minnesota, June 22-24!

My BOOTH is on block 14 in spot designated as #17!!! SO come and vist me at the booth!! The show is held on the Minnesota state fair grounds in Saint Paul, MN you can find more info at the MSRA site here


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Also LAPANTURA will be having an art opening the following weekend at Yesterdays auto on the corner 28st and lyndale avenue! I will have more info up on this soon, such as opening hours and stuff!

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Also to come a report on the pinstriper friendly the Lowbrow magazine party, it was a great time. I have to many pictures and too little time….

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