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Rocket Room #8

FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE! Posted on %PM, February 04 2007 16:44:34

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Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, February 02 2007 17:59:54

Minneapolis: Southside, summer ’06Blog ImageThis ride was from Chi-town, the driver was less then impressed when I pointed out that my 1950 schwinn whizzer was rollin on 26’s ha ha..yeah well anyway…

Blog ImageThis is a car I’ve rode bike by for years.It’s usually parked somewhere on 26th street near portland Avenue.Blog ImageThe subject matter ranges from images from the ancient Incan empire to “the war on terror”, george dubbaya bush sexy ladys and underpants!Blog ImageIt’s great!Blog Image

this ford belongs to the Woz unless he sold it. When he got this truck the mustang engine was only tried in with rope!

Rocket Room New Years

FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE! Posted on %PM, January 24 2007 19:46:52

Blog ImageThey did a great job decorating, hard to believe this is actually Debaser, it almost looks like a respectable place! Blog ImageAfter the full course BBQ style tex mex dinner (Mmmm..) The entertainment started in with the always amazing Knicker Kittens Burlesque revue …… Blog ImageAfter the tables folded away and the danse floor was revealed. Danny and the cappers blow up the stage with their superb sound and stage presance.Blog Image Listen to them here Blog ImageAnnika and Danny mid show…Blog ImageAnd once again at the end of the night those left standing had the pleasure of one last act from the Knicker Kittens, A classic new years count down! Altough it was five minutes too soon, no one seemed to mind! How did it go? Well, go to their next show and see for yourself!

Old Style weekend 2006

Bil träffar Sverige Posted on %PM, December 22 2006 18:20:36

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curently having technical diffuculties

FUCK ART, LET'S DANCE! Posted on %PM, December 21 2006 19:03:28

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Nort’ Saint Paul June 2006

Minnesota Hot Rod N' Kustom shows Posted on %PM, December 21 2006 13:01:29

Last June I dipped out from the the annual Black Label Bike Club St. Chino’s run (National outlaw bicycle club/mutant bike ride from Minneapolis to Stillwater) during our North Saint Paul pit stop to get some pictures of the toughest cars lining the main street.Blog Image This was a rare find, plymouth with original 50’s stlye custom flames and pinstriping.Blog Image there was a natural patina to the pinstripes and the stripes along the door handels where mint other then the fading. You can clearly see this is the work of a skilled pinstriper.Blog Image The trunk lid ‘striping was unfortunatly mostly lost and saddly there was no sign of a signature.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image Blog Image

Back to the 50’s 2006

Minnesota Hot Rod N' Kustom shows Posted on %PM, December 19 2006 20:00:43

MSRA’s back to the 50’s car show is a huge event held at the Minnesota state fairgrounds with more then 10,000 cars from 1964 or earlier. I did my best to get flicks of all the best pinstripes, custom interiors and most insane rods and here is the result…Blog Image’25 T roadster with color change flames, no signature on the’stripes but Dave Bell would be my guess.Blog ImageBlog Imagethis ’56 T bird had these never before seen super insane naked lady style pinstripes but again no signature.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image

Blog Image some super old school pinstripes (1960’s?) by some guy going by the name of “polock joe!”

Blog Imagehere’s a 1930 ford Blog Image

Blog Image’37 PlymouthBlog Image

Blog ImageA sweet 29 model A built by skitzo the kid, check out the engine pushed back against the firewall.

Blog Image

– and the radiator rides in back.

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’39 ford?Blog Image non stop gawking, took forever to get a clear shot of this car.Blog Image this 39 ford rat was parked next door.Blog ImageBlog Image 42,47,48,73,87 ford from the frankinstiners car club Blog ImageBlog Image

a ’30 Chevy rat rod..

Blog Image

..with some crazy tubeing deal and doors welded shut.Blog Imagethis ’32 chevy body ’30 box on back, with reverse flowwas built by John Becker of Anoka, MNBlog Image

you may have seen this car in some mags before though there has been some new tail lights added, tail lights made from “teat cups” ah, midwest.Blog Image as you can see in this engine shot the radiator is absent and stowed in back. When I told of skitzo’s simular set-up John was quick to point out that his radiator line has a built in pump, yup.Blog Image’32 ford well where to start.. a nagahide Italian flag seat?..Blog Image the crystal door knob shifter? Blog Image or “hilbilly hotrod” scoop?Blog Imagecouple of Chevy gassers ’55 and ’56 Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image’57 bel air Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image’51 plymouth Blog Image

nice little bug with crazy paint, a ’62? Blog Image

nice two tone ’48 chevy with a low bed.Blog Imagegotta give some credit to this guy who drove all the way from toon town in this crazy chopped ’59 dodge custom royal! …..Mmm, corndog.

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yes,I have no idea what kind of car this is.