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In Timely fashion

A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, May 27 2008 16:09:18

Well I just now realized that I should pst something here that Curbside moved … a long time ago. so that is why this is now the “archive”
anyway if you are looking for new posts than you are in the wrong place .. So get over to

thanks – your editor, Curb SnyderBlog Image

Curbside moved back?!!

A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 14:01:23

It’s crazy I know but I decided to move Curbside Times back here from the LaPantura web log.. because I was the only one really using the LaPantura page and felt I may as well move it back anyway the La Pantura page will remain up for other painters to post stuff if they like, we’ll lets see what happens.

I just don’t want to hog the blog so to speak…anyhow I have copied all the Curbside posts from that period back here in chronological order (although the posting dates are off, which the original posting date is noted in the first line of the given log)

Well I guess that’s it..

Best Regards, Curb SnyderBlog Image

Old Style weekend 2007

Bil träffar Sverige Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:42:15

Originally posted on August 8th, 2007Blog ImageEvery year the A-Bombers put on the Old Stlye Weekend car show. I got a few pictures in the early hours of some stuff that I liked the looks of…Blog ImageHere is my booth and Alex’s “Big Trouble” Chevy that made it there and back..Blog ImageThis a car which has recently changed hands, once being owned by friend Lasse..Blog ImagePekka ‘striped and named the car natural born thriller..Blog ImageWhen Lasse was the owner he had me pinstripe on the cowl above the flying eyeball which was a mystery to me till Pekka pointed out a worn signature belonging to a fellow arctic pinstriper, Platu. Blog ImagePekka is seen here pinstriping some purses between cars. Other then some gusty winds and roving inebriates (myself included), the over all ‘striping condtions where decent this year.Blog ImageThe Warhawks club had the the early rodding style down.Blog ImageNo signature on this tastfull stripe job.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageSome nice 50’s style scallops that work so well..Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageThis is such a cool pinup painted by blaster of Italy.Blog ImageThat pinup was on the other side of this ride belonging to a member of the “Rude Dudes MC”Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageThe diver of this told me all about this car..Blog ImageHe was speaking in German…Blog ImageThe only parts I understood was Von Franko and Texas BarbecueBlog ImageBlog ImageThis could be the toughest car name painting ever, yup.Blog Image

Well that’s it ……till next year, vonSven

Back to the Minneapolis

Minnesota Hot Rod N' Kustom shows Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:39:36

Originally posted on July 20th 2007Blog ImageSo here is some of the pinstripe, sign or related photos collected during my annual stay in Minneapolis, MN. Midwest USABlog ImageI found these old signs on one of those odd side streets running along what is now the midtown greenway, and close to nicollet ave on the south side. Blog ImageI got a pair of tasseled loafers, which is a stride away from the usual cap toed church shoes. Blog ImageI got the shoes for only 5 bucks including a vintage shirt!Blog Imagethe guy that was working working has had this same hair cut since 1952!! Blog ImageThe Ideal diner was really, really good this year,Blog Image I had the lazy man specialBlog ImageThe Ideal diner opened the late 40’sBlog Image

They got a new cash register but other than that not much has changed.

that’s their coffee machine in the back ground, it’s the best weak american coffee I’ve ever had.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageForest and I went and reclaimed a bunch of old junk from the old LaPantura studio before it gets demolished due to progress, the whole buildings is comming down so a lot of local artists will studio-less that is. it’s really too bad, the city also lost artists spaces at the ols sexton building which is beeing remodeled.Blog ImagePanther Painter, Ira was in town from Olympia with this amazing old paint box, it came loaded with some of Joe’s old sign painting supplies including a real nice old quill that Ira has been putting to use.Blog ImageBlog ImageThe Back to the 50’s car show went well Forest and Phil Vandervaart are seen beeing filmed by Milke Revard here.Blog ImageI got to stripe some really cool cars…..Blog Image…while Phil and Forest took care of the car names and truck lettering jobsBlog ImagePhil Vandervaart (who has been discribed by Pat Star owner of the world famous diner, The Wienery as “the West Banks oldest teenager”) was the envy of many young on lookers as he busted out his free hand lettering skills.Blog ImageI found this rod that was pinstriped by one of my favorite stripers Dave Bell..Blog ImageThe flames were laid out by bell and the paint spraying was done by Kirby, the flames were then outlined with Bell’s signature color change pinstripes.Blog ImageAfter the back to the back to the 50’s, I was doing some striping at Yesterday’s Auto Sales.Blog ImageYesterday’s sells old classic carsBlog Image This is Forest with Marit from Yesterday’s, she works with sales and appraisals.Blog ImageBlog Imagefor every rat rod…Blog Imagethere is a rat bike.Blog ImageBlog Imagethis is the old Sears building, it just recently reopend as the midtown exchange which includes a global market food court type place..Blog ImageThere is every kind of ethnic eating experiance there including this classic american diner type place..Blog Image…Signwriter Mike Myer painted a bunch of clean “no frills” signage for that place.Blog ImageAt the tail end of the trip I met up with Jim Schaefer and got to check out his car room again. This was Jim’s old hemet from his drag racing days, original monster art from the 60’s!


Well that’s it, I’ll be back next year same time, same place…

thanks for looking -vonSven

lowbrow party

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:38:35

Originally posted on July 20th 2007

Hey first off I gotta say these photos may well be dated (the lowbrow party happened way back on the 2nd of June!) but now here is a small, mostly visual, report on this ‘stripers meet that took place during lowrow magazine’s party….Blog Imagethe day event was held open air and the weather was fine except for the occational gusts of wind blowing the brushes cockeye now and then..Blog ImageEvil T is seen here contemplating that famous first stroke Blog ImageFreddy pinstriper, with a two …wait make that a four finger hold! Blog ImageJona organized the pinstriping part of the lowbrow event, seen here laying some old school lines to accompany the scallops outlined by another Swedish striper friend Devil. Apparently the owner of this rod has got the idea to collect stripes from tons different pinstripers, cool !Blog ImageEvil T getting down to business. Blog ImageMy most evil customer ever..Blog ImageI found this work on display in the lot, by Ray Hill Blog ImageThe Sivletto truck made it down from Stockhlom ……Blog Image….and along with it some unruly charactersBlog ImageBlog Image

Pinstripe Mafia: wheeling & dealing

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:37:22

Originally posted on June 7th 2007Blog Image – squirrelly sword selling shenanigans on the swedish seashore.


The summer season is here and the all around the globe cases of paint and brushes are dragged around by dilligent pinstripers of all sorts. It seem that everyone and their brother is heading to Bottrop in Gremany for some grand reason, apparently it’s like the new mecca of pinstripe Kulture?!

You may take this a shock but I will not be joining the bandwagon on this one, ah you may just say I’m bitter and jaded, just badmouthing the the main event because I have to live it out by way of this blogg-o-spere inter-ma-gig dug out of mine… well that may be! I am jealous as hell I just met Pekka, Jussi and a couple other Finnish stripers as they rolled the car off the boat getting ready for the bottrop road trip It just sickens me thinking of all the krazy pinstripe madness that I am bout to miss out on.

Oh well, I decided rather to book my self a booth at the annual BACK TO THE 50’s CAR SHOW in Minnesota, June 22-24!

My BOOTH is on block 14 in spot designated as #17!!! SO come and vist me at the booth!! The show is held on the Minnesota state fair grounds in Saint Paul, MN you can find more info at the MSRA site here

some bottrop links..

Also LAPANTURA will be having an art opening the following weekend at Yesterdays auto on the corner 28st and lyndale avenue! I will have more info up on this soon, such as opening hours and stuff!

Blog Imagethanks for reading! vonSven


Also to come a report on the pinstriper friendly the Lowbrow magazine party, it was a great time. I have to many pictures and too little time….

Blog Image

ed roth on ebay

Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:35:58

Originally posted on May 26th, 2007

I found these pics on the ebay, ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image

World of exellence part 2

Bicyclebrains Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:34:24

Originally posted on May 18th, 2007

thanks to JoJo for the pix ImageBlog Image Ride or Die

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