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In Timely fashion

A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, May 27 2008 16:09:18

Well I just now realized that I should pst something here that Curbside moved … a long time ago. so that is why this is now the “archive”
anyway if you are looking for new posts than you are in the wrong place .. So get over to

thanks – your editor, Curb SnyderBlog Image

Curbside moved back?!!

A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 14:01:23

It’s crazy I know but I decided to move Curbside Times back here from the LaPantura web log.. because I was the only one really using the LaPantura page and felt I may as well move it back anyway the La Pantura page will remain up for other painters to post stuff if they like, we’ll lets see what happens.

I just don’t want to hog the blog so to speak…anyhow I have copied all the Curbside posts from that period back here in chronological order (although the posting dates are off, which the original posting date is noted in the first line of the given log)

Well I guess that’s it..

Best Regards, Curb SnyderBlog Image


A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:25:58

Originally posted on april 12th, 2007

Here are some pictures of from my original home, a small village in the north of Sweden, Delsbo.Blog ImageThis is the old and delapidated Dellenbanan train. Blog Image the worlds first thermos museum in the old town jail’s cell block.Blog Imagea historical note on the Delsbo area: the Dellen lakes where formed by a meteor millons of years ago The resulting Impact crater measures about 19 kilometres in diameter. It has resulted in the area containing the vulcanic rock Dellenite, which has become the provincial rock of the province. Blog Image


A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, February 14 2007 14:35:54

Blog ImageHave a Great Valentines everyone!!

(This is an Altered image stolen from an original classic pin-up painted by Minnesota Iron Ranger, Duane Bryers! find more on Duane and Hilda at )


A Letter from our editor Posted on %PM, December 07 2006 20:50:36

Magazines don’t grow on trees. But if they did they would ripen quickly and if not filled with worms or pecked at by birds would be plucked from the limb only to be chewed up and spit out by the masses. Or if not be left to hang around neglected eventually drop to the ground and eaten by maggots..or something.

Anyhow Curbside will not so soon be left to these elements, rather slowly incubated in this unwitting electronic harbor. And to one day perhaps be sent to the presses and see the light of the natural world to fend for it’s self on those unforgiving shelves of the local news stand. Till then this is it.

This is Curbside Times; a “magazine” focusing on the art and culture of restored, modified, or mutated vehicles as well as the lifestyles and sub cultures of the people that monkey around with them.

And if you are at all interested to submit material or be involved in some way I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading,

Your faithful editor, Curb Snyder

e mail curbside@vonsven.comBlog Image