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ed roth on ebay

Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:35:58

Originally posted on May 26th, 2007

I found these pics on the ebay, ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image


Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:31:22

Originally posted on may 5th, 2007

My friend Björn stopped by the shop today, he had his new truck parked out front and I got to check these old stripes he’s been telling me about.Blog Imagethese patinad pinstripes are really high caliber. the fine line type designs are simple and have a nice old school trucker style.Blog Imagein some areas the red has kept clear of the suns UV rays and is in the same condition as the grey with lots of nice little scrapes and chips.Blog Imagein other places you can see the red is almost all faded away, where as the grey is holding up.Blog Imageyou can see in the red here how the lines where painted, starting at the top with a freshly loaded brush and with les coverage at the end of the line and so the end of the line fades away first. Blog ImageBlog ImageThis part was really cool ,you can see the faded away red stripe left a pistripe with a high gloss left from underlying clear coat.Blog Image Also the signature was painted in grey over the red stripe, so now there is actually kind of a red out line or drop shadow thing around the name, I’ve never seen anything like it before! Looks like is says “Nuk…” ? Blog ImageVery Nice!!!!


Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:27:50

Originally posted on april 18th, 2007

Lately I’ve been onsite working on a few jobs in Stockholm area garages. Here are a few things that caught my eye..

Blog ImageI was told this is a 42 army harley with the original engine block and cylinders and heads of a 70’s sportster with an english norton gearbox!

55 horse power on a 120 kilo Harley!!? I don’t acually know anything about moters but it’s a damn cool moterbike.Blog Imagethis is a box painted by airballs, this guy is really crazy, every time I’m at this garage he’s got some new insane project going. Like the army war car he may or may not be building, with the marine attack surfboard. Anyway …Blog Imagethese stripes are signed “Stanford” if anyone knows the full name of this striper let me know, it could be Steve or Michael but I really have no idea anyways some really clean lines..
Blog Image

Blog ImageAnd here’s a look into the garage of car club, Demented Turku.Blog Imagehere is Pekka and Ari in front of the moonshine runner.Blog Image

Thia is Pekka’s pontiac. check out the silver striping that fills up all the scallops!!Blog Imagein Finland you paint scallops and flames with a baby roller and 1 shot.Blog ImageBlog ImageBlog Image


Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, February 02 2007 17:59:54

Minneapolis: Southside, summer ’06Blog ImageThis ride was from Chi-town, the driver was less then impressed when I pointed out that my 1950 schwinn whizzer was rollin on 26’s ha ha..yeah well anyway…

Blog ImageThis is a car I’ve rode bike by for years.It’s usually parked somewhere on 26th street near portland Avenue.Blog ImageThe subject matter ranges from images from the ancient Incan empire to “the war on terror”, george dubbaya bush sexy ladys and underpants!Blog ImageIt’s great!Blog Image

this ford belongs to the Woz unless he sold it. When he got this truck the mustang engine was only tried in with rope!

the friday cruisers

Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, January 24 2007 16:44:01

Sveavägen, summer ’06Blog ImageA crazy Swedish built rod from the 60’s restored in the 90’s was parked square to curb.Blog Image

..and a fine example of the notorious Swedish phenominon the ragazon. if you don’t know already here’s link for ya,

bus stop

Curbside Eye Posted on %PM, January 12 2007 15:17:18

Blog Image

spånga station, this guy with the umbrella had one of the best bus waiting style I’ve seen to date, tough as nails.