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lowbrow party

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:38:35

Originally posted on July 20th 2007

Hey first off I gotta say these photos may well be dated (the lowbrow party happened way back on the 2nd of June!) but now here is a small, mostly visual, report on this ‘stripers meet that took place during lowrow magazine’s party….Blog Imagethe day event was held open air and the weather was fine except for the occational gusts of wind blowing the brushes cockeye now and then..Blog ImageEvil T is seen here contemplating that famous first stroke Blog ImageFreddy pinstriper, with a two …wait make that a four finger hold! Blog ImageJona organized the pinstriping part of the lowbrow event, seen here laying some old school lines to accompany the scallops outlined by another Swedish striper friend Devil. Apparently the owner of this rod has got the idea to collect stripes from tons different pinstripers, cool !Blog ImageEvil T getting down to business. Blog ImageMy most evil customer ever..Blog ImageI found this work on display in the lot, by Ray Hill Blog ImageThe Sivletto truck made it down from Stockhlom ……Blog Image….and along with it some unruly charactersBlog ImageBlog Image

Pinstripe Mafia: wheeling & dealing

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:37:22

Originally posted on June 7th 2007Blog Image – squirrelly sword selling shenanigans on the swedish seashore.


The summer season is here and the all around the globe cases of paint and brushes are dragged around by dilligent pinstripers of all sorts. It seem that everyone and their brother is heading to Bottrop in Gremany for some grand reason, apparently it’s like the new mecca of pinstripe Kulture?!

You may take this a shock but I will not be joining the bandwagon on this one, ah you may just say I’m bitter and jaded, just badmouthing the the main event because I have to live it out by way of this blogg-o-spere inter-ma-gig dug out of mine… well that may be! I am jealous as hell I just met Pekka, Jussi and a couple other Finnish stripers as they rolled the car off the boat getting ready for the bottrop road trip It just sickens me thinking of all the krazy pinstripe madness that I am bout to miss out on.

Oh well, I decided rather to book my self a booth at the annual BACK TO THE 50’s CAR SHOW in Minnesota, June 22-24!

My BOOTH is on block 14 in spot designated as #17!!! SO come and vist me at the booth!! The show is held on the Minnesota state fair grounds in Saint Paul, MN you can find more info at the MSRA site here

some bottrop links..

Also LAPANTURA will be having an art opening the following weekend at Yesterdays auto on the corner 28st and lyndale avenue! I will have more info up on this soon, such as opening hours and stuff!

Blog Imagethanks for reading! vonSven


Also to come a report on the pinstriper friendly the Lowbrow magazine party, it was a great time. I have to many pictures and too little time….

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a brush with the Devil

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, August 22 2007 13:29:39

Originally posted on april 22nd, 2007Blog Image of Sweden came by the shop today came by for a panel swap and luckly I had one stashed to trade. Blog Image

Devil’s panel is so nice to get I have always admired his work and hiis true to the bone kustom kulture ethics and individual style. Devils panel now actually hangs in the intercontinental pinstriper’s concourse, right here in Stockholm Sweden! contact for details on visiting hours and the exchange-a-panel program benifits!

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My piece is inspired by the movie El Topo.

thanks to devil again for his addition to the collection.

The Green Fish Club

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, March 29 2007 15:26:27

Blog ImageI am pleased to report that last weekend the Sivletto garage was taken over by Pekka Wizzz and fine group of students.Blog ImageUnder supervision of a master pinstriper the 2 day course was intensive as well as fun. Simple green “teardrop” or “fish” forms quickly evolved to full designs on panels.Blog ImageThe results where impressive to see in such a short time.Blog ImageSivletto owners Anna Karin and Per where thanked for making the event possible and recived an nice gift..Blog Image A pistripe panel signed by Pekka and all the graduates!

Tini’sTiki Weekend ’07

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, February 26 2007 18:34:54

Blog ImageHere is my personal account of the yearly Finnish pinstripe event hosted by Tiki connoisseur and pinstripe painter of 20 years Tini aka “TiN”Blog Imagewelcomed by a lone tiki, Stripers from all over Finland head to Tini’s for this years Tiki weekend. Blog ImageTini’s house is filled with all kinds of pinstripe and tiki art. This is a piece from Australian artist Simon Watts.Blog ImageThis striped tiki panel is made by Platu who is behind Finlands best kustom kulture magazine, Primer.Blog ImageHere’s a nicely balanced design by TiN (Tini) viewed from the toilet seat.Blog ImageOn TiN’s paint box, the scallops match those that where painted on his car during the last Stripe-O-Rama (see the previous post)Blog ImageRobin has painted his box up whith a Von Dutch theme.Blog ImageHere’s look the inside his classicaly constructed signwriting box. Blog ImagePainting took place out in the Garage.The overall mood was very relaxed,Blog Image“well…..aahhh…yeah…well” People giving each other advice.Blog ImagePeople painted and drank together all day Blog ImageYou had the time to just get lost in the painting process…Blog Image….well you know what I’m talking about! Blog ImageIt was nice to view the results with sober eyes in the morning. This above is the work of -8- otherwise known as Pasi I belive.Blog Image A piece by the very talented Timo.Blog ImageI painted this panel which I traded for a awsome stripe panel by Robin.Blog ImageThis is a late night one eye group panel by Timo, Robin and myself. Blog ImageTini’s moterbike got clobbered with the most stripes ever,Blog Imagepainted on over the whole weekend,regardless of the condition of the painter…Blog Imagethe lines where laid…Blog ImageThe letters where outlined,Blog Imageand eventually we ran out of roomBlog Image So then a panel was painted to comemerate the momentous occasion Blog Image“The World’s most striped Custom Angel” Blog ImageThen Pekka took this nice picture of everyone. I had a great weekend and now only have kind words to discribe this strange group of pinstripers that keep tikis in their snowbanks.

A special thanks to Tini is due, for having been such a good host!


Stripe-O-Rama ’06

Art & Kulture Posted on %PM, February 10 2007 18:26:00

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